Tempus xO Sequencing Panel

Product Profile | Updated October 15, 2018

Tempus xO sequencing panel is a targeted panel covering approximately 1,700 cancer-linked genes. The assay is designed to identify actionable oncologic variants in a wide array of solid tumor types and is capable
of detecting both germline and somatic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), indels less than 100 bp, copy number variants, chromosomal rearrangements containing one or more RNA coding sequences and gene
expression. The assay also detects gene fusions (at 92% sensitivity, with clinically-actionable fusions detected at 100% sensitivity).

Notes / Insights:

  • Tempus’ 595-gene xT panel competes against FMI’s 322-gene F1 panel
  • xT is priced at $1800, compared to FI, which is priced at $5800
  • Both tests target actionable cancer-related genes as well as I/O biomarkers, such as TMB and MSI with similar tumor coverage and sample requirement
  • While F1 focuses on solid tumors, xT covers solid tumors as well as hematologic malignancies*
  • Tempus is expected to launch its xF liquid biopsy panel in mid-late 2018, which will compete directly against FACT
  • The xF liquid biopsy panel will include ~75 actionable genes compared to 62 genes tested on FACT

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